Pharmacy Benefit Management Summit

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Changing the Rules of the Game: Innovative Approaches to Pharmacy Employers have cited skyrocketing pharmaceutical costs as one of the number one driving factors to rising healthcare costs. Employers now more than ever before need to evaluate their current arrangements with their PBM’s to ensure should ensure accountability measures are in place to maximize cost-savings and plan efficiency says the MBGH. The Pharmacy Benefit Management Summit will bring together various stakeholders to explore the current pharmacy supply chain and identify opportunities for greater accountability and transparency to aid in managing the escalating Rx costs and help mitigate its effect on the business and its members.

Because PBMs earn multiple revenue streams from negotiations between employers and pharmaceutical companies and can capitalize on rebates that should ultimately go back to employers, its important to stay involved.

With most PBM arrangements being complex, it has been difficult for employers to identify the true cost of drugs and all the sources of PBM revenue. Employers need to know the facts and act to make sure their benefit dollars are spent in an efficient manner and rebates and other revenues are appropriately received.

  • A deep dive on the pharmaceutical supply chain
  • Best practices in value-based contracting
  • Drug pipeline highlights
  • Dissecting the Rx coupon
  • Innovative Approaches to Pharmacy
  • Point of sale rebates
  • And more!

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