Track 3: Global Healthcare | Innovation in Healthcare Blockchain: Block the Middle Out of Healthcare

About This Session

Blockchain is a buzzword and we are waiting to see if it is really all it’s talked about. The Problem: The global healthcare system is bloated, out of date, and ripe for innovation. An enormous, monolithic industry has been built around the very personal relationship between the patient and physician. This bureaucracy has added multiple layers of complexity and hundreds of billions of dollars annually to the cost of healthcare in the U.S. and many other countries. The Solution: Blockchain technology can “Block the Middle Out of Healthcare,” and bring back the direct peer-to-peer relationship between a patient and their doctor, and rid the system of unnecessary costs that have been a burden for so long. Smart contract automation and distributed ledger transparency can slice costs and complexity to bring healthcare back to its roots. Hear from some of the top leaders in healthcare blockchain share the most exciting and disruptive use cases applications of blockchain in healthcare.

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