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Beyond Borders, Exceeding Limits

This exclusive event is part of the 12th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, October 15-17, 2019, the largest medical tourism event in the world with participants from over 100countries. This invitation-only event welcomes top Government Officials from across the globe, including Ministers of Health, Tourism and EconomicDevelopment, as well as Trade Commissioners, Consul Generals, Health Attaches, and Global VIPs.


This event is the ideal forum to discuss strategies to achieve long-term, sustainable results for the expansion and growth of healthcare infrastructure; while simultaneously addressing the immediate health concerns countries are facing. In addition to this discussion, other topics to be considered during the summit will include:


·       Thought leaders from every continent will present their countries’ successes, challenges, and the drivers behind each.

·       Discuss models of integration of care, engaging both the patient and caregiver.

·       Round table discussions covering topics such as data collection and the role it plays in measuring economic development.

·       Using TheMedical Tourism Association’s® Medical Tourism Index as a tool to identify successful models that have enhanced healthcare and tourism initiatives.

·       How foreign direct investment has been channeled into healthcare sectors due to the relaxation of restrictions on foreign ownership in emerging markets.

·      Medical tourism presents an opportunity to earn tax revenue, while developing local medical expertise that if managed well, can benefit the wider population. This in turn, helps to bring healthcare systems in developing nations up to international standards.

·       Best practices in the healthcare and tourism industries and assuring patient safety through mitigating liability.

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