Employer Onsite Health & Wellness Summit

About This Event

On-site clinics are quickly becoming an employer’s solution to reduce healthcare claims and direct costs, all to increase the productivity, health, retention and healthcare accountability of their employees.

Covered in this session:

  • How to ensure that employees have access to quality health care
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Control your health care costs
  • Improve employee retention

This highly anticipated session is lead by Chief Medical Officers, Senior Benefits Managers and Health System Executives who will explore the innovations being taken with on-site, near-site clinic operations, management, employee health and well-being concepts.

Learn strategies for gaining higher clinic utilization, providing employees high-quality preventative and affordable primary healthcare for both your business and your employees health and well-being.

Employees will receive an unprecedented networking opportunity to discuss the growing trend of on-site clinics within the workplace.

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