Pre-Conference Certified Medical Travel Professional® Workshop

About This Session

Medical Travel Training & Certification Workshop: CERTIFIED MEDICAL TRAVEL PROFESSIONAL®  


  • Gain a Better Understanding on How the Medical Tourism Industry Works
  • Learn the Steps that each Stakeholder in the Industry can take to become Involved
  • Acquire Marketing and Business Development Tools to Improve and Grow Their Business
  • Network and Build Partnerships with Other Stakeholders
  • In-depth training on best practices for international patient services
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion in Medical Tourism Best Practices
  • Preparation and opportunity to take the exam to become a Certified Medical Travel Professional®


  • Official certification seal to use on business cards, websites and social media profiles
  • Listing on Global Healthcare Accreditation website
  • Demonstrates to employers, healthcare providers, insurers and other industry peers that you possess the training, knowledge, and understanding of best practices in medical travel and international patient services
  • Sets you apart from the competition and communicates your specialized expertise and commitment to the industry
  • Learn best practices in implementation, communication & engagement
  • Provides access to a global network of partners worldwide
  • Access to online continuing educational materials

TRAINING AGENDA (subject to change):

One-Day 8 Hour Workshop

MODULE 1: Introduction to Medical Travel

MODULE 2: Medical & Health Tourist Business Models

MODULE 3: The Medical Travel Care Continuum

MODULE 4: Facilitation of Care

MODULE 5: The Role of Hospitality in Medical Travel

MODULE 6: Payers in Medical Travel

MODULE 7: Marketing & Brand Management

MODULE 8: Managing Risk & Events “Business Health”

MODULE 9: The Importance of the Patient Experience

MODULE 10: Best Practices in Medical Travel

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