Track 1: Future of Healthcare | China Healthcare 2030

About This Session

China is investing significantly in healthcare cities, hospitals to become a global market leader in healthcare.  China also represents one of the largest opportunities in healthcare with opportunities for affiliations, partnerships, physician training and patient referrals.  Chinese Healthcare Providers and Investors are looking for long term partnerships in the following sectors; Physician Training, Hospital Affiliations, Partnerships, Second Opinions and Patient Referrals. With over 500,000 Chinese traveling abroad for healthcare each year that number will increase substantially as more market entrants from China emerge.  While China presents one of the greatest opportunities in healthcare, it is also one of the most challenging markets to enter. China requires having the right partners who focus on quality, sustainability and long term relationships.  Learn not only about the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities, however, gain knowledge from the greatest company minds in China and forge new partnerships.

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