Track 3: Global Healthcare | Challenges & Opportunities in Specialty Drug Management & Biologics

About This Session

Specialty and Biologic Drugs are going to be the largest expense of healthcare in coming years.  How do healthcare providers, payers and governments tackle these challenges?  How do you determine the impact on not only costs but clinical outcomes?  The new specialty drug Zolgensma is now the most expensive drug ever costing $2.1 million USD. How is the industry planning to address the flood of expensive personalized medications coming in the future.  Prescription drugs in the next few years will actually be a larger portion of healthcare expenditure than healthcare costs.  Almost half spend will come from specialty drugs/biologics.  How will patients be able to afford or access these expensive treatments?  Will the most expensive treatments and cures only be available to the wealthy? Will patients travel to seek out the most cutting edge and expensive therapy or will they travel to find affordable options with high clinical outcomes?

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