Track 1: Future of Healthcare | Rolling the Dice on Medical Tourism: American Medical Tourism: Self-Funding Healthcare, Direct Contracting & Medical Travel

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A majority of American Employers are self-funded, taking the risk of covering their own medical plans in the hopes they turn a profit and save money. Some companies have included taking the risk of implementing medical travel and incentivizing employees to travel around the globe for medical procedures. Learn how these employers have structured their benefit plans, incentivized their employees to travel abroad, where they send their patients, and why?  Learn from employee’s experience how American employers are saving millions of dollars a year with medical tourism. With almost 94% of US Employers with over 5,000 employees self funded, and 85% of employers with over 200 employees, the American market still remains untapped with tremendous market potential. This session will examine why employers and other healthcare buyers are tired of variability in pricing, outcomes, and experiences. These self-funded companies have realized that not all healthcare providers are created equal. Employers and buyers are now eliminating the risk by contracting directly with hospitals and providers. The result is providing a higher quality, lower complication procedures at pre-negotiated (bundled pricing) and ensuring their employees get the best care. However, the most importantly factor is the right diagnosis, and right care at the right price.

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