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We are accepting submissions in all areas of healthcare and wellness including:
  • Health & Well-being
  • Self-Funding
  • Benefits Innovations
  • Medical Travel
  • Direct Contracting, COE's, Bundled Payments & Value-Based Purchasing
  • Health Equity
  • Population Health Management
  • Wellness Travel
  • Global Benefits
  • Business Development
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Agent/Broker Marketplace
  • Precision Medicine
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Genomics
  • Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine
  • Healthcare Consumerism
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What Are We Looking For?

  • Uniqueness of subject matter
  • Topic relevance & timeliness to the Industry
  • Clear and well-defined message and description
  • Employer case studies, examples and best practices
    Industry research & statistics
  • Colorful and innovative approach to presentation structure
  • Speakers with presenting experience
Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO of the Huffington Post

Benefits of Speaking

Name Recognition: Get your name recognized and be seen as an authority. Benefit from public relations with a spotlight on both you and your company!

Become a Thought Leader: Conference speakers are associated with being experts in their industries. Your speaking engagement shows your clients and your colleagues that you are a force to be reckoned with!

Lead Generation: Gain personal connections with well-connected folks in the industry. Great speakers have a line of future partners and prospects at the end of every speech!

Craig Venter, Human Longevity Institute, The Man Who Mapped The Human Genome

Presentation Formats:

  • General Session and Keynote Presentation
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Ignite Talk
  • Think Tanks
  • Forums
  • Summits
  • Educational Sessions
Deadline for submissions is August 25
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